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Diesel Engine Repair | Service
Wheel Alignments | Suspension

We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic repair for your diesel engine and truck. From rebuilding the engine in house or if you need to repower the vehicle for work or play we can help you out. Diesel engines are not to be taken lightly, they have a lot of moving parts and you need to take it to someone you trust for repairs. Even though they say they have the Tech to repair it correctly, you can trust Maximum Diesels to fix to correctly and tell you what it's going to cost, giving you the option to get it fixed or not.

We can replace turbos and VGT solenoids as well as injectors, high pressure oil pumps, (HPOPS), valves and stems as well as all surrounding fuel components the diesel engine has. We can also do an in-frame repair if that's what it calls for. Many things can go wrong with one and Maximum Diesels has the knowledge to bring your truck back to manufacturer dealer specifications.

We open early and stay late to help conform to your schedule.

Most alignment shops will not perform alignments on trucks that have lift kits or over sized tires. Here at Maximum Diesels we have the ability to align the front and rear steering and axles on most trucks and cars. When others say it cannot be done, give us a call and we can make it happen.


​Using a state-of-the-art alignment machine we are able to fix camber, caster and toe for your vehicle. Does not matter if it's a two wheel drive or a four wheel drive truck, vehicle, car, van, tank, Maximum Diesels has the knowledge to align it and if there is a problem, we can tell what it will take to get it back on "track".

Maximum Diesels can also do an alignment on cars, and SUV's. We offer reasonable pricing and can have your car back to you in several hours. Call us to schedule your appointment to bring your car or SUV in for an alignment. 

Diesel Performance
Turbo Diesel Replacement

Maximum Diesels has always had an eye towards performance! Whether you own a non-pollution controlled vehicle or have an off-road race truck, we have the POWER! 


We have been increasing horsepower and fuel economy on non-public road use vehicles since the day we opened.


We have the knowledge and experience that comes with years of drive-train modification and testing.


Maximum Diesels has our own race truck that does a 6 second 1/8 mile, check it out here.

If the diesel engine were a human body th oil would be the blood, the transmission fluid would be the spinal fluid and the turbo would be the heart.

Without the turbo working correctly you are going to run into driveability problems, loss of power, white or black smoke coming out of the tailpipes, bad things are going to start to happen.

Maximum DIesel's can tell you if the turbo is shot or if there is something internally with the turbo failing. If the bearings are failing or the shaft is out of alignment. Many situations can occur with the turbo in a modern diesel engine.

Give us a call at Maximum Diesel and we can let you know the condition of your turbo and what needs to be done to fix it correctly.


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